Evolution is a continuous process. In order to be our best versions, it requires full-time dedication to digging, praying, fasting, traveling, learning, exploring, conversing, reading, and growing.

Here you can retreat with others and learning that by sharing the energy of those who want the same things, you can grow by leaps and bounds. Masterminds, workshops, and speaking engagements are available to you.


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2020 Vision Workshop

December 29, 2019

Clarifying Vision and Correcting Sight.

In all of your weaknesses, know that you are so strong.

Back by demand:
Part 2 of 2020 Vision workshop – post-eclipse in Capricon featuring balance, release, and freedom!
Am I building brick by brick smoothly or being trapped in the Devil energy that is ego-mind? Is it really them or how I respond?

Understanding yourself and what you need to release, leadership, and forgiveness. More emphasis and time are placed on digging to understand yourself (behaviors needed to understand the new start that your star player is requiring you to take) and there will be time to collage this portion towards the end if you choose to stay.

You will examine and learn:

-To address your fears

-What patterns can be resolved

-Tying up loose ends

-How to use Theta to release blocks.

-How to acknowledge your shadow

-To embrace love and live as love in the duality of 3rd dimension

Bring- A brand new notebook, images of yourself (as many as you can print out, a positive attitude, an open heart, and mind – you may meet your new best friend here.

Sunday, December 29, 12:30pm
Citra Bubble Tea
4230 University Ave
Seattle, Washington 98105

Suggested energy exchange $25

Scholarships are available.

Answer your highest calling to live the happiest and freest you have ever been.