Congratulations on taking the leap into yourself!

I was born with many gifts including empathy, I listen without judgement and I have found success from empowering others in advice, channeling, and supporting you in finding your own inner voice.

Theta is a brainwave state where rapid healing occurs. Just by mentioning the word “God” your brain goes to a Theta state. We use our connection to God to approach your DNA and body with curiosity.

ThetaHealing is much like talk therapy. When we find the place where we can do work, you will start to feel physical shifts immediately.

I’m a certified ThetaHealer I specialize in DNA and through my practice, I can offer you several services such as:

  • DNA Activation
  • Releasing Radiation
  • Downloading Feelings
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energetic Divorce
  • Activating Youth and Vitality Chromosomes
  • Reverse Aging
  • Healing Beliefs
  • Tracing issues from ancestral lines.

Every session is different. Depending on where you find yourself in life different tools will be used in this energetic transformation on a cellular level.

Sessions range from  $250-$325 and are offered on a sliding scale.

You can find single services in the store or book a session. Coming Soon!