Morenike means someone to cherish and love in Yoruba culture.  I was given my name in a naming ceremony by the eldest in my family: my grandparents.  I traveled throughout the world since childhood and am fascinated in learning about many cultures.

Morenike’s first book, Something To Show for It was inspired after suing a company in federal court and refusing to take the money and sign a non-disclosure agreement and after two years of homelessness, taking what she had in her pocket $200 to Mexico.

Unapologetically Morenike was birthed after returning to the US and experiencing others guilt themselves after taking time to themselves for themselves.  Morenike is someone to love and cherish and she has no guilt in living a life true to herself and not the life others expect of her…one of the top 5 regrets of the dying. UM embraces all walks of life and spiritual stages and believes we all have a perspective worth sharing and the most important key to you is you.  Relax.   Become the best version of you for you and always work smarter not harder.