UM is back at it again. Preparing for another trip on a one-way ticket to Thailand.

Self-growth and happiness is so vital to life but people rarely talk about a formula to get there. What happens when you desire the things you think add value to your life and what happens when you finally get it?
For many of my friends, I have seen some pretty sad results. This was the case for law school friends (getting that JD); my southern belle friends (getting that MRS degree); and my somewhat age-mates (hitting that 7th, number in a paycheck of another million). Some of these people just wanted this but did not think about the why and when they got it, life did not seem any different for them. This was the case for me. I wanted to go to law school to effectuate change on a global scale, that was my why. It came from a place of pure justice which on it’s face can seem noble but actually derived from a sense of selfishness. As long as I could be the one to do it, I was happy so long as it meant belaboring myself. The vortex spat me out and gave me the biggest blessing of all: time to re-calibrate and time to feel what unconditional love is. Giving without it hurting or in search of any source of pain.

UM is setting its sights on the future and making sure we can offer you products that will help you be the happiest, freest, and best version of you for you. Self reflection is often one aspect of growth that people do not take time to enjoy. It is perfectly natural to want things. It is your birthright to have whatever you want. You are consciousness and whatever your mind is set on, you can achieve. Getting things without understanding that it is from a place within you of unconditional love that wants to create and give from an unconditional loving standpoint.

In the first journey through Mexico and Guatemala, UM focused on happiness. What does it take for my soul to be happy and shine bright…beyond a few beers, surfboards, and amazing people?
Ease of stress and a slower paced life. In Seattle, writing Somethingwas a gift of unconditional love from UM to you that expanded towards a company. In my time in Seattle, I learned that happiness in regards to my business life meant progress.

For many of my friends who travel and return back home, they identify a sadness that comes from so much changing within you yet returning to a world that remains constant. Change is a natural part of life, it is a sign of life, and I accept life. I am happy to travel and see progress. Initially my progress was getting every serving and bartending job I could to afford classes at Hugo House; free classes at the library; writing groups, then it was NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and winning. Applying for scholarships gave me the biggest burst of energy because in writing a book, financial reward comes later. It grew and grew with friends helping me write on the cover of the book; holding my full draft in my arms and experiencing a breathing document and weeping over the physical manifestation of her. Progress and calmness was brought about when I sent my work to an editor which led to me feeling so free emotionally with the ability to express myself.

Having met that accomplishment and starting a company- I am excited to grow a little more and see what I can create from that growth and unconditional love that I experience from the world. If you are going to Southeast Asia, please holla atcha girl! I am aware that I will have to return for my book tour but am so excited for all of these experiences.

You are infinite, vast, and whole. There is more than enough for everyone, including you.

Signing out,
Unapologetically Morenike