Unapologetically- living without remorse or guilt
Morenike- Someone to cherish and love

Welcome! UM recognizes that the end of the day, you have two people to answer to: the person looking back at you in the mirror and your highest self. You are someone to cherish and love. Embrace this adventure that is life and enjoy your birthright of being the happiest and freest you have ever been, unapologetically. Get your shine on with books and products that are designed for the best part of you- the diamond in the rough.


Morenike means someone to cherish and love in Yoruba culture.  I was given my name in a naming ceremony by the eldest in my family: my grandparents.  I traveled throughout the world since childhood and am fascinated in learning about many cultures.
Morenike’s first book, Something To Show for It was inspired after suing a company in federal court and refusing to take the money and sign a non-disclosure agreement and after two years of homelessness, taking what she had in her pocket $200 to Mexico.


Something to Show For It

The Genesis of UM. Follow Morenike on her journey through Mexico and Guatemala throughout the course of 10 months. Bored with the stagnancy of life and a burning desire to expand, Morenike leaves her life in Phoenix, Arizona to walk towards the awakening of self-actualization.